Piha Community Library Trust AGM Minutes 2016

Minutes of Piha Community Library AGM 2016

Held at Library 4pm Saturday 3 September


Present : Glenda Northey( chair), Julie Mercer ( secretary), Dana Hoffman(treasurer), Maureen Thompson, Brian McAvoy, Ella Ussher, Fiona Anderson

Apologies: Marilyn Perko, Shelley France, Yvonne DuFaur, Anne Russell, Pat La Roche

Minutes: Confirmation of minutes of previous AGM held in the library on 20 September 2015
Resolution: That the minutes as shared be approved.( Dana, Brian)

Matters arising: There were no matters arising.

Annual report:
Glenda presented the annual report to the meeting and copies were circulated for those present to read. The report detailed progress made throughout the year, events that have taken place, fundraising and activities from the past year. Thanks were expressed to everyone who has contributed to the running of the library and supported fundraising activities. Special thanks to the volunteers who ensure that the library continues to provide such a useful community service. 
Maureen and Glenda continue to share the library administration role. Thanks to them both for their hard work.
Resolution: That the annual report as presented be approved. ( Julie, Brian)

Financial Report: 
Dana presented the financial report and copies were circulated. The report showed a surplus of $1900 for the year. This is due to more fundraising events, although we have not paid any building insurance this year and we anticipate paying this in future. The  decrease in income from DVD hire continues. Other than this there is  not a lot of change compared to previous years so we are in a stable financial position. We currently pay wages for the administration position and for a cleaner.

Resolution: That the financial report as presented be accepted  as the final accounts for the year, subject to the upcoming  independent review. (Brian, Maureen)

We acknowledged  and thanked Dana for her hard work as treasurer.

Appointment of Trustees:
Susannah Fougere-Hardie stepped down from the Trust during the year. Julie Mercer and Marilyn Perko are also stepping down from the Trust after several years. They were thanked for their hard work. Glenda Northey was also thanked for all her work as chair of the Trust. She is stepping down from this role but remaining on the Trust.

Dr. Ella Ussher was unanimously voted onto the Trust. Welcome Ella.

General Business:
There was no general business. Everyone seems happy with the way the library is going.

Meeting closed 4.30pm

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust 2013

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust held in the library at 3.30pm on 7 September 2013

Present:   Glenda Northey (chair), Julie Mercer (secretary), Alberto Bonini (treasurer), Brian McAvoy, Dana Hofmann, Claire Howse, Helen Pearce, Robyn Agnew, Vicki Doggett, Pat LaRoche, Marilyn Perko.

Apologies: None

Minutes: Confirmation of Minutes of 2012 AGM.

Resolution: That the minutes as shared be approved. (Alberto, Julie)

There were no matters arising.

Annual report:

Glenda presented the annual report to the meeting, outlining the progress made during the year and events which have taken place. Glenda expressed her pleasure at being back working for the library. She also expressed thanks, on behalf of the trust and all library members, to all the volunteers and to our administrator, Hannah, for their hard work throughout the year. A token was presented to Alberto, on behalf of the trust, to thank him for all his work. Mary Mead was also mentioned for her work at the library over the past decade.

Resolution: That the Annual report as presented be adopted. (Claire, Pat)

Financial Statements:

Alberto presented interim annual accounts because the auditor had not completed these. The audited accounts will be completed within the next 4 weeks and be presented through the website at this time. Alberto explained that this year’s income is consistent with previous years, although we do need to work on building up funds.

Resolution: That the accounts as presented be adopted, pending publishing of the audited accounts on the website. (Alberto, Glenda)

There was a brief discussion about how the library purchasing happens. Jill Stotter does this and meets with publishers during the year. It was explained that the library’s book buying is tailored to the community and is funded through the council.

Appointment of Trustees:

Glenda announced the retirement of one of the founding trust members, Alberto Bonini, from the trust and expressed further thanks for his contributions to the library. She outlined the composition of the nominating committee and their role in selecting suitable nominees for positions on the Trust. The committee put forward 3 nominees for membership of the Trust.

Resolution: That the nominees put forward be approved and that Marilyn Perko, Vicki Doggett, and Susannah Fougere-Hardie (pending confirmation with her), be appointed to the Trust. (Glenda, Alberto)

We now have a full Trust.

Other Business:

Mary Mead’s job of DVD selection will be taken over by Sue Gundy, with Hannah assisting.

The meeting closed at 4pm.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust 2012

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust held in the Library at 2.30pm on Sunday, 9 September 2012

Present: Lynne Towner (Chair), Yvonne Dufaur (Secretary/Treasurer), Alberto Bonini, Jill Stotter, Hannah Slade (Administrator), Gillian Cotton, Ann Russell, Pat La Roche, Glenda Northey, Julie Mercer, Brian McAvoy and 3 members of the public.

Apologies: Gabrielle Lancaster and Bob Harvey.

Minutes: Confirmation of Minutes of 2011 AGM.

Resolved that the Minutes as read be approved. (Ann Russell - Pat La Roche)

Annual Report:

Lynne presented the Annual Report to the meeting, outlining the progress made during the year and the innovations put in place by the Trust. Lynne expressed heartfelt thanks, on behalf of the Trust and the 3 communities served by the library, to all the volunteers and to Hannah for their dedication and hard work during the year.

Resolved that the Annual Report as presented be adopted. (Lynne Towner – Ann Russell)

Financial Statements:

Yvonne presented the audited annual accounts and explained that as a registered charity the Trust was obliged to provide proper accounts and to post them in the records of the Charities Commission.

Resolved that the audited annual accounts as presented by adopted.  (Yvonne Dufaur – Jill Stotter)

Appointment of Trustees:

Lynne announced the retirement of 3 trustees, Bob Harvey, Peter Dillon and Yvonne Dufaur and placed on record the Trust’s thanks for the great contributions they have made to the library. She outlined the composition of the Nominating Committee, which included community representation, as required by the Trust Deed. The Committee reviewed the mix of skills and community representation needed to benefit the functioning of the Trust and sought suitable nominees to fill the positions.  The Nominating Committee put forward 4 nominees for membership of the Trust.

Resolved that the recommendations of the Nominating Committee be approved and that Dana Blumberg, Brian McIlvoy, Julie Mercer and Glenda Northey be appointed as Trustees. (Lynne Towner – Pat La Roche)

There was no other business and attendees were invited to stay for afternoon tea.

The meeting closed at 3.10pm.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust 2011

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Trust, held in the Piha Community Library at 4pm on Sunday, 11 September 2011

Present: Lynne Towner (Chair), Yvonne Dufaur (Secretary/Treasurer), Gillian Cotton, Gabrielle Lancaster, Jill Stotter, and 6 members of the library - Ken Cowan, Vicky Dignan, Pat La Roche, Julie Rees-George, Ann Russell and Hannah Slade, and a member of the community, Bobbie Carroll.

Apologies: Alberto Bonini, Bob Harvey and Simon Stoddard (trustees) and Julia Wood, Paula Legel and Sue Gandy (library members).

Minutes: That the minutes as read be confirmed. (Gabrielle – Gillian)

Matters Arising:  Lynne outlined the results of the ideas put forward at last year’s AGM.  A strategic plan had been done and would be covered in the Annual Report.  Funding needs from the Auckland Council was guaranteed until the end of this financial year and representations and relationships with the Council were ongoing.  The suggestion on tourist maps was discussed, Lynne pointing out that the library was hampered by space considerations.  It was further suggested that a laminated map showing the area could be on permanent display.  The matter of the time-line of library history was in hand but not yet completed.

Annual Report: Lynne presented the Annual Report and answered questions on the contents.

Resolution:  That the Annual Report be adopted.  (Jill – Pat)

Annual Accounts: 

Resolution:  That the Audited Accounts be adopted (Yvonne – Gabrielle)

Resolution:  That Karen Panckhurst be appointed as the auditor for the Trust.  (Lynne – Gillian)

Appointment Of Trustees:  Three trustees retired - Simon Stoddart and Gillian Cotton who did not offer themselves for re-appointment, and Jill Stotter, who was available for a further term.  Lynne reported on the work of the Nominating Committee and reported that two names were put forward and recommended for appointment, Jill Stotter and Peter Dillon.

Resolution:  That the two nominees recommended by the Nominating Committee be appointed as Trustees.  (Lynne – Gillian)

General Business: Yvonne reported on the encouraging support for the library from the Waitakere Local Board when she and Gabrielle made a submission to encourage a continuation of funding from the Auckland Council.

Discussion/ Ideas etc: Pat wished to acknowledge the huge amount of work by the Trust and volunteer library staff.           

Bobbie Carroll commended the Trust on completing its strategic plan.

Bobbie Carroll enquired if breakdown figures were available of numbers from the 3 communities the library serves.  This has not been done.  Suggestion of placing news items on the Karekare  newsletter to encourage more membership from the Karekare area.

Gabrielle asked for it to be placed on record the Management Group’s thanks for the ongoing wonderful work of the volunteer librarians.

Ann expressed her willingness to increase the display/publicity work in the library and Lynne suggested she discuss details with the Management Group.  Bobbie offered to keep Ann informed of coming events so she could draw up a calendar for displays and promotions.

Discussion around how to get greater awareness in the community that the work in the library was all done by volunteers, with the exception of some part time work by Hannah as an administrative assistant.

Lynne thanked everyone for their attendance and declared the meeting closed at 5pm.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust 2010



Held at Piha Library, on Saturday 20 November 2010 at 2.15 pm.


1. Opening. Meeting opened at 2.18pm.

1.1 Welcome by the chair John Seton.  Minutes of the last meeting had not been included in the agenda and would be considered under General Business

1.2 Present: Gaby, John, Glenda, Vicky, Jill and Gillian plus 15 library members.  Apologies: Simon Stoddard

2. Annual Report

• The Annual report on the activity of the Trust during the previous financial year was discussed. It was reported that there was as yet no resolution with the PRRA over the lease as yet.  The Library management Group gave a review of the year.

• It was moved that:

The Annual report be received”   John/ Seconded Yvonne. Motion carried unanimously.

3. Financial Matters

• To receive and approve the audited Annual Accounts. Yvonne stated that there was guaranteed funding for the next 2 years from the WWC (now the Auckland Council).

• It was moved:

That the audited accounts be approved   John / Seconded  Yvonne. Motion carried unanimously.

• It was moved :

That Bruce Johnson, Chartered Accountants, be reappointed as Auditor for the forthcoming year and that the trustee board be authorized to fix their remuneration. John Seton/ Alberto. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Appointment of Trustees

Pursuant to clause 4.2 of the Trust Deed two trustees are required to retire and are eligible for reappointment.  Accordingly:

• Mr John Seton retired but did not offer himself for re-appointment; and 

• Glenda Northey also retires and did not offer herself for reappointment.

An ad hoc Nomination Committee in accordance with Trust Deed recommended Simon Stoddard and Lynne Towner for appointment as trustee to the vacancies. The two nominations were elected unopposed.

5. Policy & Strategy

5.1   To receive and deliberate on any policy and strategic directions that may be raised by the Board or recommended by the Library Manager and the Librarians’ Committee.

The following ideas were suggested from the floor:

Committee to meet and discuss strategy for future, in particular what may eventuate in public libraries over E-books.

Look at long term funding with Auckland Council

Look into having an area with tourist maps of area.

Have a history of the library timeline displayed on walls.

6. General Business

6.1 To receive any items of general business that may properly be raised. It was moved that ‘”The minutes of the meeting of 31 August be approved.  John/ Yvonne. Motion carried unanimously.

7. Open Forum

7.1. Invitation to library members who are at the meeting to give feedback on the library service and offer ideas or suggestions for future consideration by the Trust. See 5.1.

7.2. Yvonne thanked the trustees who were resigning.

8. Closed at 2.50pm.