Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust 2010



Held at Piha Library, on Saturday 20 November 2010 at 2.15 pm.


1. Opening. Meeting opened at 2.18pm.

1.1 Welcome by the chair John Seton.  Minutes of the last meeting had not been included in the agenda and would be considered under General Business

1.2 Present: Gaby, John, Glenda, Vicky, Jill and Gillian plus 15 library members.  Apologies: Simon Stoddard

2. Annual Report

• The Annual report on the activity of the Trust during the previous financial year was discussed. It was reported that there was as yet no resolution with the PRRA over the lease as yet.  The Library management Group gave a review of the year.

• It was moved that:

The Annual report be received”   John/ Seconded Yvonne. Motion carried unanimously.

3. Financial Matters

• To receive and approve the audited Annual Accounts. Yvonne stated that there was guaranteed funding for the next 2 years from the WWC (now the Auckland Council).

• It was moved:

That the audited accounts be approved   John / Seconded  Yvonne. Motion carried unanimously.

• It was moved :

That Bruce Johnson, Chartered Accountants, be reappointed as Auditor for the forthcoming year and that the trustee board be authorized to fix their remuneration. John Seton/ Alberto. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Appointment of Trustees

Pursuant to clause 4.2 of the Trust Deed two trustees are required to retire and are eligible for reappointment.  Accordingly:

• Mr John Seton retired but did not offer himself for re-appointment; and 

• Glenda Northey also retires and did not offer herself for reappointment.

An ad hoc Nomination Committee in accordance with Trust Deed recommended Simon Stoddard and Lynne Towner for appointment as trustee to the vacancies. The two nominations were elected unopposed.

5. Policy & Strategy

5.1   To receive and deliberate on any policy and strategic directions that may be raised by the Board or recommended by the Library Manager and the Librarians’ Committee.

The following ideas were suggested from the floor:

Committee to meet and discuss strategy for future, in particular what may eventuate in public libraries over E-books.

Look at long term funding with Auckland Council

Look into having an area with tourist maps of area.

Have a history of the library timeline displayed on walls.

6. General Business

6.1 To receive any items of general business that may properly be raised. It was moved that ‘”The minutes of the meeting of 31 August be approved.  John/ Yvonne. Motion carried unanimously.

7. Open Forum

7.1. Invitation to library members who are at the meeting to give feedback on the library service and offer ideas or suggestions for future consideration by the Trust. See 5.1.

7.2. Yvonne thanked the trustees who were resigning.

8. Closed at 2.50pm.