Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust 2012

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust held in the Library at 2.30pm on Sunday, 9 September 2012

Present: Lynne Towner (Chair), Yvonne Dufaur (Secretary/Treasurer), Alberto Bonini, Jill Stotter, Hannah Slade (Administrator), Gillian Cotton, Ann Russell, Pat La Roche, Glenda Northey, Julie Mercer, Brian McAvoy and 3 members of the public.

Apologies: Gabrielle Lancaster and Bob Harvey.

Minutes: Confirmation of Minutes of 2011 AGM.

Resolved that the Minutes as read be approved. (Ann Russell - Pat La Roche)

Annual Report:

Lynne presented the Annual Report to the meeting, outlining the progress made during the year and the innovations put in place by the Trust. Lynne expressed heartfelt thanks, on behalf of the Trust and the 3 communities served by the library, to all the volunteers and to Hannah for their dedication and hard work during the year.

Resolved that the Annual Report as presented be adopted. (Lynne Towner – Ann Russell)

Financial Statements:

Yvonne presented the audited annual accounts and explained that as a registered charity the Trust was obliged to provide proper accounts and to post them in the records of the Charities Commission.

Resolved that the audited annual accounts as presented by adopted.  (Yvonne Dufaur – Jill Stotter)

Appointment of Trustees:

Lynne announced the retirement of 3 trustees, Bob Harvey, Peter Dillon and Yvonne Dufaur and placed on record the Trust’s thanks for the great contributions they have made to the library. She outlined the composition of the Nominating Committee, which included community representation, as required by the Trust Deed. The Committee reviewed the mix of skills and community representation needed to benefit the functioning of the Trust and sought suitable nominees to fill the positions.  The Nominating Committee put forward 4 nominees for membership of the Trust.

Resolved that the recommendations of the Nominating Committee be approved and that Dana Blumberg, Brian McIlvoy, Julie Mercer and Glenda Northey be appointed as Trustees. (Lynne Towner – Pat La Roche)

There was no other business and attendees were invited to stay for afternoon tea.

The meeting closed at 3.10pm.