Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust 2013

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Piha Community Library Trust held in the library at 3.30pm on 7 September 2013

Present:   Glenda Northey (chair), Julie Mercer (secretary), Alberto Bonini (treasurer), Brian McAvoy, Dana Hofmann, Claire Howse, Helen Pearce, Robyn Agnew, Vicki Doggett, Pat LaRoche, Marilyn Perko.

Apologies: None

Minutes: Confirmation of Minutes of 2012 AGM.

Resolution: That the minutes as shared be approved. (Alberto, Julie)

There were no matters arising.

Annual report:

Glenda presented the annual report to the meeting, outlining the progress made during the year and events which have taken place. Glenda expressed her pleasure at being back working for the library. She also expressed thanks, on behalf of the trust and all library members, to all the volunteers and to our administrator, Hannah, for their hard work throughout the year. A token was presented to Alberto, on behalf of the trust, to thank him for all his work. Mary Mead was also mentioned for her work at the library over the past decade.

Resolution: That the Annual report as presented be adopted. (Claire, Pat)

Financial Statements:

Alberto presented interim annual accounts because the auditor had not completed these. The audited accounts will be completed within the next 4 weeks and be presented through the website at this time. Alberto explained that this year’s income is consistent with previous years, although we do need to work on building up funds.

Resolution: That the accounts as presented be adopted, pending publishing of the audited accounts on the website. (Alberto, Glenda)

There was a brief discussion about how the library purchasing happens. Jill Stotter does this and meets with publishers during the year. It was explained that the library’s book buying is tailored to the community and is funded through the council.

Appointment of Trustees:

Glenda announced the retirement of one of the founding trust members, Alberto Bonini, from the trust and expressed further thanks for his contributions to the library. She outlined the composition of the nominating committee and their role in selecting suitable nominees for positions on the Trust. The committee put forward 3 nominees for membership of the Trust.

Resolution: That the nominees put forward be approved and that Marilyn Perko, Vicki Doggett, and Susannah Fougere-Hardie (pending confirmation with her), be appointed to the Trust. (Glenda, Alberto)

We now have a full Trust.

Other Business:

Mary Mead’s job of DVD selection will be taken over by Sue Gundy, with Hannah assisting.

The meeting closed at 4pm.