Piha Community Library Trust AGM Minutes 2016

Minutes of Piha Community Library AGM 2016

Held at Library 4pm Saturday 3 September


Present : Glenda Northey( chair), Julie Mercer ( secretary), Dana Hoffman(treasurer), Maureen Thompson, Brian McAvoy, Ella Ussher, Fiona Anderson

Apologies: Marilyn Perko, Shelley France, Yvonne DuFaur, Anne Russell, Pat La Roche

Minutes: Confirmation of minutes of previous AGM held in the library on 20 September 2015
Resolution: That the minutes as shared be approved.( Dana, Brian)

Matters arising: There were no matters arising.

Annual report:
Glenda presented the annual report to the meeting and copies were circulated for those present to read. The report detailed progress made throughout the year, events that have taken place, fundraising and activities from the past year. Thanks were expressed to everyone who has contributed to the running of the library and supported fundraising activities. Special thanks to the volunteers who ensure that the library continues to provide such a useful community service. 
Maureen and Glenda continue to share the library administration role. Thanks to them both for their hard work.
Resolution: That the annual report as presented be approved. ( Julie, Brian)

Financial Report: 
Dana presented the financial report and copies were circulated. The report showed a surplus of $1900 for the year. This is due to more fundraising events, although we have not paid any building insurance this year and we anticipate paying this in future. The  decrease in income from DVD hire continues. Other than this there is  not a lot of change compared to previous years so we are in a stable financial position. We currently pay wages for the administration position and for a cleaner.

Resolution: That the financial report as presented be accepted  as the final accounts for the year, subject to the upcoming  independent review. (Brian, Maureen)

We acknowledged  and thanked Dana for her hard work as treasurer.

Appointment of Trustees:
Susannah Fougere-Hardie stepped down from the Trust during the year. Julie Mercer and Marilyn Perko are also stepping down from the Trust after several years. They were thanked for their hard work. Glenda Northey was also thanked for all her work as chair of the Trust. She is stepping down from this role but remaining on the Trust.

Dr. Ella Ussher was unanimously voted onto the Trust. Welcome Ella.

General Business:
There was no general business. Everyone seems happy with the way the library is going.

Meeting closed 4.30pm