Project: School holiday programme mural

The Library needs sponsorship to help run this programme

We currently have a grant to cover some of the cost of the programme but need a further $600to compete it. If anyone in the community would like to help with this project either with materials or donations. That would be fantastic.


A mural would provide a real feel of community ownership to the library and would provide a personal narrative from those who re growing up in our unique environment. The colourful and strong mural by local children will allow them to develop self-confidence and enable them to realise their potential artistically and creatively, and help create a strong sense of belonging for those who use the library. The project will empower not only those who participate but also those who use the facility.
The mural project will run over 12 hours (3 days x 4 hours) and will have up to 10 children participating. Well known West Auckland Arts Educator Shelly France will be facilitating the programme.


Mitres 10 - Ply, battens, screws (@15% discount)                             249.10
National Art Supplies - Brushes, brush cleaner                                  149.24
Resene - paints etc                                                                             522.08                            

Total                                                                                                    $920.43

Instructor        - 3 days @5 hours@$40                                               600.00
    Total                                                                                             $1520.44