The Piha Community Library Trust

About The Piha Community Library Trust (the Trust)

The Trust is our community organisation with the objective of operating the Piha Library for the benefit of the Piha and surrounding communities.  It is elected by membership open to all of the community and users of the library.  The Library is operated primarily by volunteers who have a passion for what this library offers for our community. 

Establishment as a Charitable Trust

The Trust was set up in 2009 to provide a governance structure focused solely on ensuring the continued operation of the Piha Community Library for the benefit of the Piha and surrounding communities.  It was established as a charitable trust which provides the formal structure suitable for this type of community organisation and essential to procure funding grants necessary to help run and maintain the library. The Trust has a Constitution[GU1]  which sets out the purpose and governance structure for the Trust, and this Constitution has recently been updated reflecting upon the longer term needs of the Library and feedback from our community. 

Membership and Governance

Library membership is open to all of the community and is required for all borrowers from the Library.  Until 2016 membership was free, but recently an annual fee has been required to be a Member. 

Trustees are appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by vote of Members and remain for a term of 3 years, with ability to be re-elected for further 3 terms.  There are currently 6 trust members, two of whom have library qualifications. 

An AGM is held annually in September and all Members are notified of this through our bi-monthly newsletter. The notice includes an invitation for interested parties to become involved in the Trust as a Trustee and we also reach out to personally invite candidates who may have relevant skills of value to the Trust. There is an expectation that Trustees would have some experience in aspects of governance of similar organisation, fundraising or library work.  We encourage Members of the library from the wider community at Anawhata and Karekare to become Trustees to ensure the different community interests are represented.

The Trust (comprising up between 5 and 8 Trustees) meets 4-6 times a year to discuss issues relating to the governance of the library, to decide on grant applications and to organise the two or three annual fundraising events that keep the library financially viable. 


The Trust funds a part time Librarian (about 7-10 hours per week) who provides overall coordination of weekly operations of the library but stock management and duty roster for the opening hours (14 hours total on 4 days). Daily operation relies very heavily on a dedicated group of volunteer librarians.  This group meets regularly to discuss operations, agree rosters and to support each other in skill development and training.  The library volunteers usually work on a roster two times a month, about six hours each.

The library hosts other outreach programmes in the library itself or as community events.  A music programme for young children called “Lion Rock and Roll for Babies” once a week, and several initiatives such as book clubs and reading groups have been conducted. The annual Piha Writer’s Festival serves as an outreach to wider engagement of the Community with the Library but also as a key fundraising event.   

Our Mission statement

To provide a library service for the people of Piha, Karekare and Anawhata.

Our Vision

A library

Accessible to all

A valuable community asset

For learning, leisure and information


For a full outline of the trust’s objectives and other information see the trust deed here.


Looking After Our Library

Since the library opened in 1999 we have undertaken a number of maintenance projects to ensure that the library is suitably maintained and improved.  This includes activities such as:

  • Repainting the library, including the roof.
  • Fitting special gates to the deck to ensure that children can be kept safe in the library precincts while parents are choosing materials or when special children’s activities are taking place.
  • Placing a shed under the building for storage purposes. This relieves some of the overcrowding of materials such as chairs and library decorations for special occasions.
  • Replacement of structural materials.


The Waitakere City Council, followed by the Auckland Council, has hugely assisted us with a generous annual grant to cover the cost of lending material for our members.  This is largely in response to the lack of Council owned library facilities in Piha, Karekare and Anawhata.  All other library financial needs are met by the income raised by the Trust.


As we plan for the future, we are careful to continue fundraising efforts in order to put aside funds to ensure that the library will continue to develop according to the growing sophistication of library services in general and to the needs of our members.

We are constantly looking for ways to raise extra funds. At present we are planning for our fundraising Readers and Writers Festival to be held again over two weekends in July and August 2014.

Strategic Plan

The Trust has developed a strategic plan to provide future direction and focus. 

You can view our latest Strategic Plan here.